Cultura antiqua 学術雑誌目次速報データベース由来 43(6) (19910000)

 CiNii Books

Toward the Problems of the Temple Nyoiji  1-4
The Formation of Temple Nyoiji and Its Characteristics  5-12
The Site of Temple Nyoiji--A Mountain Temple (山岳寺院) Built in Heian (平安) Period  13-33
The Haiyama (灰山) Garden Site  34-35
The Archaeological Remains Found at Temple Nyoiji  36-43
Roof-Tiles Unearthed from Temple Nyoiji--Round Eaves Tile (Abuni-gawara) Bearing an Inscription Kin (近) Characters in Early Heian (平安) Period and Its Affinity  44-47
Date of an Old Picture Map in Position of Temple Onjoji (円城寺)  48-58