Bulletin of the Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University Shizuoka University 23(2) (19880000)

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Persistent Photocurrent Decay in Amorphous As_2Se_3:Ag  97-109
In-situ measurement of initial growth for the thin film deposition by null ellipsometry  111-126
Crystal Growth of ZnS,ZnSe and ZnS-ZnSe Solid Solution by Chemical Transport  127-139
LPE Growth and Oxidation of GeSi alloy thick layers  141-155
Development of Magnetron Etching System with an Annular Permanent Magnet  157-172
Amorphous As_2Se_3:Ag Electrode as a Silver Ion Sensor  173-180
a-Si:H PSD(Position Sensitive Detector) with stripe-shaped electrodes  181-193
Development of physiological cardiac pacemaker : Cardiac pacing through respiratory rate and blood temperature  195-208
List of Publications During 1988  209-220
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