Journal of the Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices The Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices (JSDMD) 22(5) (20030825)

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平成15年秋期(盛岡)第42回日本歯科理工学会学術講演会講演集(プログラム)  Full Text: CiNii    1-22
Establishment of the in vitro cartilage cultivation system using crude BMP  Full Text: CiNii    313
Effect of test periodontal dressing materials on tubule-like structure formation in vitro  Full Text: CiNii    314
Effect of particles in periodontal ligament cells  Full Text: CiNii    315
Charge induction mechanisms and osteoconductive effects of electrically poled hydroxyapatie ceramics  Full Text: CiNii    316
Experimental study of artificial bone formation using porous carbonate apatite combined with bone mallow cells.  Full Text: CiNii    317
Bone growth on the surfaces of platinum-iron magnet alloy castings.  Full Text: CiNii    318
筋肉タンパクゲルによるナノバイオマシン  Full Text: CiNii    319
歯と歯周組織の再生研究 : 現状と未来、そしてその問題点(再生医学の最前線)  Full Text: CiNii    320
生体材料、生体組織工学を基盤とした再生医療の最前線(再生医学の最前線)  Full Text: CiNii    321
歯科・口腔外科領域における再生医学の最前線(再生医学の最前線)  Full Text: CiNii    322
The trial compression fatigue simulation test in oral cavity of resin for denture base.  Full Text: CiNii    323
Strengthening of denture base resin by compounding short fibers with zirconium-containing glass  Full Text: CiNii    324
A Marginal Leakage Test by a Student of Facuilty of Enginnering  Full Text: CiNii    325
Application of haptic device to dentistry (Part 4) : Support for surgical orthodontics  Full Text: CiNii    326
Thermoplasticity of the experimental root canal filling materials including guttapercha  Full Text: CiNii    327
Fusion of calcium phosphates to enamel surfaces with a CO_2 laser : Phase changes of MCPM and DCPD by heat treatment  Full Text: CiNii    328
Immobilization of cell-adhesive protein onto tresylated titanium : Analysis using quartz crystal microbalance-dissipation technique  Full Text: CiNii    329
Immobilization of simvastatin onto surface-modified titanium : Analysis using quartz crystal microbalance-dissipation technique  Full Text: CiNii    330
Cross-sectional TEM observation of gold-coated titanium-porcelain interface  Full Text: CiNii    331
Manufacture and evaluation of Ti-HAP complex by dry synthetic method.  Full Text: CiNii    332
Formation of the HA thin film on the porous Au alloy surface.  Full Text: CiNii    333
The synthesis of newly calcium phosphate/collagen composite using discharging in modified body fluid  Full Text: CiNii    334
Microstructures and anodic polarization behavior of Ti-Au alloys  Full Text: CiNii    335
Apatite coating on titanium mesh using hydrothermal-electrochemical method : Evaluation of biocompatibility in vitro  Full Text: CiNii    336
Development of fluoride-releasing resin responsive to pH  Full Text: CiNii    337
Effect of double coating of all-in-one adhesives on dentin bonding  Full Text: CiNii    338
Interaction of angiogenic behavior of endothelial cells with peptide SVVYGLR in vitro.  Full Text: CiNii    339
Preparation of a biodegradable biologically active membrane containing apatite with BMP  Full Text: CiNii    340
Immobilization and analysis of 'nm-order' ultrathin polymer film on metal surface.  Full Text: CiNii    341
EDS analysis of enamel remineralization using xylitol chewing gum  Full Text: CiNii    342
Development of a new adhesive system to titanium surface  Full Text: CiNii    343
The biocompatibility of polyurethane elastomer  Full Text: CiNii    344
The study on the fluoride-releasing polyurethane elastomers  Full Text: CiNii    345
Hydrolysis of phthalate esters in human saliva.  Full Text: CiNii    346
Characteristics of DNA films prepared by hot-press method  Full Text: CiNii    347
Collagen-Adhesive Monomer Interaction in Adhesion to Dentin : Structural Stability of Cross-Linked Collagen Mimetics  Full Text: CiNii    348
Imparting storage/release functions to a cross-linked polymer : The case of cross-linked type I collagen  Full Text: CiNii    349
Cytotoxicity and free radical production of camphorquinone in human pulp fibroblasts  Full Text: CiNii    350
Cytotoxicity of monomers of biodegradable polymers in vitro  Full Text: CiNii    351
The development of in vitro model of periodontitis using human oralfibroblasts  Full Text: CiNii    352
Observation of the bone-implant interface using microfocus X-ray CT system  Full Text: CiNii    353
An evaluation of new bone formation by three-dimensional X-ray Micro Focus CT : 2. bone parameters and finite element analysis  Full Text: CiNii    354
Sterilization of metal instrument by electrolyzed water and their corrosion behaviors  Full Text: CiNii    355
Histological and material evaluations of resolvable apatites in rats  Full Text: CiNii    356
Development of hard-tissue substitute of carbonate apatite by superplastic deformation : Sutracture of superplastic sintered apatite  Full Text: CiNii    357
Degradation of biodegradable composite materials containing calcium phosphates.  Full Text: CiNii    358
Development of HAP carrier with micro-porosities : Part 1 Effect of sintering condition on the basic properties  Full Text: CiNii    359
Development of α-TCP/Te-CP cement for pulpotomy : Behaviour in the dog's pulp  Full Text: CiNii    360
Cyclic fatigue strength of IPS Empress 2 after one year storage in water  Full Text: CiNii    361
Study on fiber reinforced ceramics (Third report) : Application of fabric fiber reinforcement  Full Text: CiNii    362
Surface shape change and cell proliferation change of heat treated Ti.  Full Text: CiNii    363
A Study on the Fitness of Titanium Product Restoration Part 2 : Assessment of the Factor on the Fitness  Full Text: CiNii    364
Mechanical property and reacted layer of titanium alloy castings  Full Text: CiNii    365
Chemical mechanical polishing of titanium : XPS analysis of the polished surface  Full Text: CiNii    366
Bonding behavior of heat-polymerized denture base resin to Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy  Full Text: CiNii    367
Degradation of mechanical properties of orthodontic wires in acid fluoride solution  Full Text: CiNii    368
Characterization of Ca- and P-Enriched Anodized Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy  Full Text: CiNii    369
Effects of heat treatments on the mechanical properties of 35Ag-30Pd-20Au-15Cu alloy containing Ga  Full Text: CiNii    370
Effects of composition on the optical properties of experimental Pd-free dental low-karat gold alloys  Full Text: CiNii    371
Tarnish resistance of experimental Pd-free dental low-karat gold alloys in a 0.1% Na_2S solution  Full Text: CiNii    372
XMA and XPS analysis of the Au-Pd-Cu alloy restorations fixed for long term in the oral cavity  Full Text: CiNii    373
Studies on the solubilizing agent for gypsum products : Composition and dissolving ability  Full Text: CiNii    374
Effects of calcium oxide and phosphoric acid to expansion of dental stone (Part 4) : Application for dental casting materials  Full Text: CiNii    375
Scratch hardness of stone models 1. : Measuring conditions  Full Text: CiNii    376
Casting Ring Liners XIV : Rate of Vacant Space and Water Sorption of Casting Ring Liners  Full Text: CiNii    377
Effects of deoxidizer addition on the properties of investments that prevent surface blackening of noble alloy castings  Full Text: CiNii    378
Study on the recycling of Gypsum Bonded Investment. Part3. : the fitness of cast crown on the clinical model  Full Text: CiNii    379
Shortening schedule of casting with calcia investment  Full Text: CiNii    380
Physical properties and solidification structure of the dental metals in the high temperature (Part 4) : Microstructure of Dental casting alloys at melting and solidifying times  Full Text: CiNii    381
Polymerization Characteristics of Ethyl Methacrylate Resin Initiated by TBB  Full Text: CiNii    382
Polymerization characteristics of PMMA/MMA-TBB resin : Effect of TBB concentration  Full Text: CiNii    383
Effect of violet-LED irradiation on polymerization rates of dental resins added with various photoinitiators.  Full Text: CiNii    384
The laboratory performance of a newly designed one bottle/one step resin bonding system  Full Text: CiNii    385
Comparison of penetration of various resin monomers into dentin.  Full Text: CiNii    386
Dentine bonding system : Definition of adhesion test (Adhesion theory)  Full Text: CiNii    387
Ion release from Ti-Ni alloy with electrolytic treatment  Full Text: CiNii    388
Surface changes of titanium by the corrosion in fluoride containing solution  Full Text: CiNii    389
Application of impedance spectroscopy to the study of corrosion reactions of Ni-Ti alloy in simulated physiological environment.  Full Text: CiNii    390
Friction and wear in the fretting and sliding of dental alloys  Full Text: CiNii    391
Effects of Au and Pd content on the corrosion resistance of dental Ag-Pd-Cu-Au alloy in saline solution.  Full Text: CiNii    392
Effect of β stabilizing elements on elastic modulus of titanium alloys  Full Text: CiNii    393
Properties of nickel-free stainless steel wire manufactured by nitrogen absorption treatment  Full Text: CiNii    394
Relation between Thermal Expansion Curve and Disorder-Order Transformation on AuCu Castings by Metal-Mold  Full Text: CiNii    395
Effects of microstructure aud casting detect on dynamic characteristic of Ag-Pd-Cu-Au-Zu alloy.  Full Text: CiNii    396
Surface modification of dentin by adsorption of carbon nanotube  Full Text: CiNii    397
Cell response of sintered poly (L-lactide) scaffold treated with plasma  Full Text: CiNii    398
Application of haptic device to dentistry (Part 3) : Support for dental implantology ; CAD/CAM fabrication of a bone stent  Full Text: CiNii    399
A jaw robot using the parallel mechanism (Part 2) : Reproduction a digitized jaw motion by the solution of inverse kinematic problem of the parallel mechanism  Full Text: CiNii    400
Automatic registration of plural range data sets for 3-D dental cast models  Full Text: CiNii    401
Automatic Fabrication of Prostheses Using a CAD/CAM System (Part22) : Variations of Structural Strength of Different Machining Method for Ceramic Crown  Full Text: CiNii    402
Laser groove welding for titanium and dental precious alloys  Full Text: CiNii    403
A study on light-cured resin : Use of laser speckle contrast measurement for the determination of polymerization characteristics  Full Text: CiNii    404
Analysis of internal and external forces of a human mandible invested by strength of materials : Influence of variation of bearing ratio of balancing side to working side in masticatory muscle force.  Full Text: CiNii    405
Preparation of carbonated apatite monolith by treatment of calcium carbonate in phosphate solutions  Full Text: CiNii    406
Manufacture of Open Pore Carbonate Apatite Ceramics  Full Text: CiNii    407
Development of self-setting calcium hydroxide preparation (PART 3) : Effect of self-setting calcium hydroxide preparation on dental pulp  Full Text: CiNii    408
A basic study on water-based temporary sealing materials : Setting time  Full Text: CiNii    409
Study on the experimental investments without binder materials : Effect of additional stickness  Full Text: CiNii    410
Development of zirconium-containing glass fibers for composite materials  Full Text: CiNii    411
Apatite-Collagen Complex : 2. Physicochemical properties  Full Text: CiNii    412
Leaching of phthalic acid esters from dental materials immersed in human saliva.  Full Text: CiNii    413
Functional polymer for dental use (IV) : Molecular composite resin reinforced by rigid polymer  Full Text: CiNii    414
Shape memory alloy fiber reinforced resin matrix smart composite (Part 8) : effects of super elastic fiber  Full Text: CiNii    415
Effect of hot water immersion on mechanical properties of compomers  Full Text: CiNii    416
Synthesis of new urethane monomers  Full Text: CiNii    417
Improvement of Dental Resins in Properties (Part 8) : Mechanical properties of experimental compomer used  Full Text: CiNii    418
Fatigue Strength of UDMA/Acidic Monomer Resin. Part 2 : Effect of Acidic Monomer  Full Text: CiNii    419
Stability of optical properties and color of paint-on resins for shade modification of crown and bridge resins  Full Text: CiNii    420
Toothbrush abrasion of commercial available resins for crown and bridge  Full Text: CiNii    421
Toothbrush abrasion of an indirect prosthodontic composite : Surface roughness and abraded surface  Full Text: CiNii    422
Radiopaque characteristics of composite resin  Full Text: CiNii    423
Mechanical and Physical Properties and Adhesion Durability of Flowable Resin Composite  Full Text: CiNii    424
A new esthetic hybrid ceramics "ESTENIA"  Full Text: CiNii    425
Observation and Evaluation of Root Canal Filling Materials Using Micro Focus X-ray Device  Full Text: CiNii    426
Possibility of long-term storage of alginate impressions in sealed bag  Full Text: CiNii    427
Effect of impressions immersed in phtharal disinfectant on surface properties of stone models  Full Text: CiNii    428
Mechanical properties of polyaddition-type silicone impression materials having short setting time  Full Text: CiNii    429
SEM observations of resin/dentin adhesive interfaces formed by one-step bonding systems  Full Text: CiNii    430
Meshwork structure of hybrid layer by Ar-ion beam etching.  Full Text: CiNii    431
Self-etching primer comprised of amide monomer : (Part 3) The pKa effect of the carboxylic acid in the NMωA  Full Text: CiNii    432
A study on resin core restoration for non-vital teeth : (Part 1) The influence of self-etching primer on polymerization of bonding resin  Full Text: CiNii    433
Bonding durability of a luting agent to dentin subjected to temporary cementation  Full Text: CiNii    434
Bonding of an antibacterial resin adhesive system in Er:YAG laser irradiated cervical cavity  Full Text: CiNii    435
A study on light-cured resins : Influence of technique sensitive factors on bond strength of one-step systems  Full Text: CiNii    436
Impact properties of adhesive resin cement  Full Text: CiNii    437
Adhesive strength between resins for crown and bridge and paint-on resins for shade modification.  Full Text: CiNii    438
Development of a new light-curing adhesive resin : hardening and adhesive characteristics curing by laser light source  Full Text: CiNii    439
Structure and character of silanized layer (Part 1) : Water resistance of silane coupling agents containing double bond  Full Text: CiNii    440
Modification effect of silane coupling agents containing poly (fluoro) alkyltrimethoxysilane (Part 12) : Effect of addition of the acid catalyst on the glass surface treatment  Full Text: CiNii    441
Resin coating material containing titanium dioxide (Part 1) : Bleaching effect  Full Text: CiNii    442
Adhesion of the Composite Veneering Materials to Cp Titanuim : Mechanical Properties of the Composite Veneering Materials  Full Text: CiNii    443
Application of rapid prototyping technique to dentistry : On the application of 3D printing method  Full Text: CiNii    444
Evaluation of water durability of resin bonds to precious metal alloys  Full Text: CiNii    445
Bonding strength between the dental adhesive resin and dental alloys (Part 1)  Full Text: CiNii    446
Electrodeposition of Adhesive Monomer on Dental Alloys : Effect of electrodeposition by 4-MET  Full Text: CiNii    447
Electrodeposition of Adhesive Monomer on Dental Alloy : Electrodeposition by Commercial Adhesive Resin Cement Liquid  Full Text: CiNii    448
Evaluation of Ceramic-Resin Adhesion System for Repairing.  Full Text: CiNii    449
Bond strength of dental restorations : Effect of load when thermal cycles  Full Text: CiNii    450
Soldering of various alloys by the microwave oven : Part 1. Tensile strength and EPMA  Full Text: CiNii    451
Fracture toughness value of dental castable ceramics for coping by IF methods  Full Text: CiNii    452
Effect of dry heat sterilization on cutting efficacy with various round burs for low speed engine  Full Text: CiNii    453
Influence of polishing using a centrifugal shooting type polishing system on crown margin  Full Text: CiNii    454
Application of thermology to the oral practice : Test for pulp vitality  Full Text: CiNii    455
Development of ozone storage transportation bomb.  Full Text: CiNii    456
Development of surface treatment agent for sintering by laser on the surface of teeth preparation.  Full Text: CiNii    457
The laser irradiating effect of the apatite which was applied to the dentine surface  Full Text: CiNii    458
奥付  Full Text: CiNii   
第42回日本歯科理工学会学術講演会協賛企業  Full Text: CiNii   
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