Journal of the Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices The Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices (JSDMD) 5(2) (19860325)

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The Influence of Thermal Cycling on the Mechanical Properties of Posterior Restorative Composite Resins  Full Text: CiNii    187-195
Studies on the Staining of Composite Resins : The Effect of Polishing on the Staining and the Penetration of Staining Solution  Full Text: CiNii    196-202
Specific Physicochemical Properties of Apatites : Part 5.Synthesis of Fluoridated Apatites at Various Calcium Phosphate Feed Molar Ratios  Full Text: CiNii    203-208
Adhesion of Dental Alloys : III.Effect of Various Treatments of Alloy Surfaces on the Adhesive Durability  Full Text: CiNii    209-216
Cementing of the Bridge : (Part 1)Analysis of Specimens  Full Text: CiNii    217-221
Cementing of the Bridge : (Part 2)Effects of Varying the Convergence Angle and Temperature on a Glass Slab  Full Text: CiNii    222-231
Chemical Analysis of Interface Layer between Resin and Dentine by Raman Microprobe  Full Text: CiNii    232-237
Calorimetric Investigation of the Influence of Photoinitiators on the Phase Transition Properties of Phospolipid Liposomes  Full Text: CiNii    238-245
Preparation and Physical Properties of Inlay Wax for Complex Castings  Full Text: CiNii    246-251
Adhesive Self-Curing Acrylic Resin : Composition of a 4-META/Glutaraldehyde Bonding Agent  Full Text: CiNii    252-260
Improvement of the Bonding Technique with 4-META/MMA-TBB Resin to EDTA Treated Tooth Substrates  Full Text: CiNii    261-267
Effects of Casting Method and Alloy Composition on Tensile Properties of Ni-Cr Alloys for Dental Casting : Part 2 Causes of Changes in Tensile Properties  Full Text: CiNii    268-278
Application of Image Analyze System for Dental Materials Research : Part 2.Mixing Efficiency of Amalgamators  Full Text: CiNii    279-286
Pulp Response of Adhesive Dental Resins  Full Text: CiNii    287-294
Influence of Cu Content on Ni-Cr Alloy : Castability and Mechanical Properties  Full Text: CiNii    295-300
Effects of Cu Contents on Corrosion Resistance of Ni-Cr Alloy  Full Text: CiNii    301-309
Adhesion of 4-META/MMA-TBB Resin to Hydroxylapatite, Fluoroapatite and Their Mixture  Full Text: CiNii    310-316
Application of Shape Memory Polymer to Dental Materials : Part 1 Physical Properties  Full Text: CiNii    317-320
Dimensional Change and Effects for Casting by the Double Mixing Model Investment Technique with Phosphate Bonded Investment Materials  Full Text: CiNii    321-335
Symposium on Dental Application of Titanium and Its Alloy  Full Text: CiNii    336-337
シンポジウム「チタンおよびチタン合金の歯科への応用」に参加して  Full Text: CiNii    337-338
会報  Full Text: CiNii    339-340
[OTHERS]  Full Text: CiNii    341