Journal of the Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices The Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices (JSDMD) 8(4) (19890725)

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Usefulness of Collagen Gel Matrix Culture for Biological Evaluation of Dental Materials(in vitro)  Full Text: CiNii    499-516
Water Sorption, Solubility, MeOH Sorption and THF Sorption of Visible Light Cured Resin : On Resin Using Cyclophosphazene Monomers and Commercial Monomers  Full Text: CiNii    517-524
An Improved Method for Combined Agar/Alginate Hydrocolloid Impressions : Bond Strength of Combination Agar-gel/Alginate  Full Text: CiNii    525-532
Studies on Visible-light Initiator System Using Thiobarbituric Acid Derivatives  Full Text: CiNii    533-538
Sandwitch Type Dental Magnetic Devices of Nd-Fe-B Magnet and Permendur  Full Text: CiNii    539-545
New Acrylic Resins with Very Low Residual Monomer  Full Text: CiNii    546-550
Three Dimensional Shape Measurement of Teeth(Part 3) : The Divisional Measurement Method of Abutment Teeth  Full Text: CiNii    551-558
Setting Characteristics of Calcia-bonded Investments by Hydration  Full Text: CiNii    559-566
Relationship between Graft Polymerization onto Model Peptide and Adhesion of MMA-TBB Resin to Dentin : Influence of Functional Monomer  Full Text: CiNii    567-571
Studies on the Pre-treatment of Dental Alloy for Adhesive Restorations : Part 4 Adhesive Durability of Adhesive Resin to Various Dental Alloys Treated with Composite Plating  Full Text: CiNii    572-579
Application of Isocyanate Separating Agent for Acrylic Resin  Full Text: CiNii    580-586
Guide to a New Data Base System of Literatures on Dental Materials and Devices : Off-line Retrieval System Using Commercially Available Software for Data Base Management  Full Text: CiNii    587-593
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