The economic review of Seinan Gakuin University Seinan Gakuin University 39(1) (20040625)

 CiNii Books

The Growth Pattern and Structural Paradox of Korean Economy since 1900's  1-62
Les finances et les systemes fiscaux de la ville de Troyes au Moyen Age : II  63-82
Iraq War : Its Meaning and Effects  83-111
Proposals for the Revision of Japanese Health Care System  113-143
CEO Psychology and Sales Promotion Strategies : An Introductory Analysis on Overconfident Demand Expectation  145-192
Change of Income Difference in Indonesia : An Analysis by Social Accounting Matrix  193-233
Restructuring of American Economy and Market Doctrine : The Nature of "New Economy"  235-298
Toward a New Regional Development Analysis : Communal Convention and Economic Efficiency  299-366