Journal of Tezukayama Jr. College. Cultural and social science Tezukayama University 14 (19770300)

 CiNii Books

On the Kannonmeguri - Michiyuki by Chikamatsu  1-11
Photographic Copy of A Volume of Kokin-Denju kirigami, etc., Handed Down in the Sanjo West School Kept at Kyoto University Library  12-33
The Educational Practice Thought of Yoshida Shoin  34-50
Catalogue of Religion and Folklore Data in Yamato and Kawachi Regions  51-60
Culture and Language : The problems of R. H. Blyth "Oriental Humour"  61-75
The Shelleyan Charactar in George Eliot's Middlemarch  76-88
Pensee existentialiste sartrienne dans <<Le Mur>>  89-104
A Special Type of Causative Verb in English  105-118