Journal of gakugei, Tokushima University. Educational science The University of Tokushima 16 (19680000)

 CiNii Books

The Physical Capacities in Junior High School Pupils of Tokushima Prefecture at Time when They finish their Compulsory Education  1-30
The Language laboratory of the Education Faculty of Tokushima University  31-40
Studies on the Function of Fingers in the Cerebral Palsied Children  41-52
Studies on the Function of Concentration Maintenance(TAF) part 1. the function of concentration maintenance(TAF) of mentally retarded children  53-60
Developmental-Psychological Studies of "Handworkings" in Children  61-84
Sociological Survey on Senior Secondary School Graduates Employee's Removal from Prefecture to Prefecture  85-118
Children's Cognition of Teacher's Guidance toward Them in Education (II)  119-139
Some Proposals for the Studies of Character Recognition  141-154