Journal of gakugei, Tokushima University. Educational science The University of Tokushima 26 (19770000)

 CiNii Books

Uber die "obsukurantische" Bildungspolitik des preussishen Absolutismus in der Ara Woellner (1788-1798)[Teil.1]  1-11
Wissenschaftssoziologie(1) : In Verbindung mit Max Webers Wissenschaftslehre  13-23
The Effect of Extended Practice on Visual Scanning Rate in Searching for Multiple Target-Letters  25-32
Some Personal Variables as Factors for the Perception of Crowding  33-39
Polygraphic Analyses of Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle in Micrencephalic Rats Induced by Methylazoxymethanol Acetate  41-50
A Study of Aerobic Work Capacity of Sportsmen : Maximal oxygen intake,PWC170 and 2400 running time  51-56
An Analytical Survey of Children's Calculation Ability in Primary School : As Compared with 1954 and 1964  57-69