The bulletin of liberal arts & sciences, Nippon Medical School Nippon Medical School 29 (20001231)

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Effects of Hearing Protectors on Mood and Work Performance in a Noisy Environment  Full Text: CiNii    1-8
Theory of Transition Rates of Excitation Energy Transfer between Weak Interacting Molecules in a Radiation Field : Formulation Based on a Dipole Approximation  Full Text: CiNii    9-27
The Potential of Digital Money  Full Text: CiNii    29-45
Schelling und Eschenmayer : Aus ihren Briefwechseln oder die Stelle und die Bedeutung des Schellingschen Streits gegen K.A. Eschenmayer in der Gedankenentwicklung Schellings  Full Text: CiNii    47-70
Confining Potential of LFQCD and Spin-Spin, Spin-Orbit, Tensor Interactions  Full Text: CiNii    71-76
The First Step toward an Ideal Society : Reforming Ways of Thinking  Full Text: CiNii    77-83
[OTHERS]  Full Text: CiNii