The Hitotsubashi review 一橋大学 112(1) (19940701)

 CiNii Books

EC Directive on Unfair Contract Terms in Consumer Contract -How would Germany and UK implement it ?  1-22
Different Resources of the Right of Resolution  Full Text: External   23-44
What View on Human Rights Is Insisted in Today's China ? -It's History, Points and Background-  Full Text: External   45-64
Judicial Control of Administrative Discretion in America  65-81
Le referendum dans la loi constitutionnelle du 3 juin 1958  Full Text: External   82-96
L'Etablissement de l'enseignement republicain et l'unite nationale sous la Troisieme Republique. -La signification de laicite dans les reformes scolaires des annees 80-  97-111
After Rain, does Fair Weather Come ? -The Decline of Delaware Block Method and Changes in Appraisal Remedy  Full Text: External   112-133
A Coordination of Trade Laws and Antitrust Laws  134-151
Condorcet et le droit de suffrage de la femme  152-169
The Development of Citizenship  170-186
The Biographical Calendar of Prof. Yasuo Sugihara  Full Text: External   187-188
The List of Works of Prof. Yasuo Sugihara  Full Text: External   189-207
Summaries of the Doctoral Thesis by O. Tamura and the Examiners' Comment  208-220