The Hitotsubashi review 一橋大学 123(1) (20000101)

 CiNii Books

Industrial Decline and Trade Policy : The Case of American Steel Industry  Full Text: External   1-16
The Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Change of International System  17-32
Japan's U. N. Policy in the 1990s  33-44
Britain and Japan's Quest for Autonomy, 1952-54 : Foreign Policy of the Yoshida Administration  Full Text: External   45-64
The Rise of Neo-Techno-Nationalism : How and Why It Grows  Full Text: External   65-83
IRBMs in U. S. -Japan Relations, 1956-1959 : Why the United States Did Not Deploy IRBMs in Okinawa  Full Text: External   84-99
Considerations on Comparative Studies of Democratization in the Caucasus  100-113
Transforming CoCom : Remaking of Export Control Regime and the Birth of Wassenaar Arrangement  114-130
Between the Alliance and Nuclear Disarmament  131-147
Anglo-American Relations during the Cuban Missile Crisis  148-169
Prime Minister Kishi's Visit to Southeast Asia in 1957 : a Case of Japanese Autonomous Diplomacy toward the United States  170-189
`Enabling Rules' under the Classification of Company Law Rules(2)  Full Text: External   190-207
"Beyond Reasonable Doubt" and Criminal Appeal  208-223
The Biographical Calendar of Prof. Osamu Ishii  Full Text: External   224-225
TheList of Works of Prof. Osamu Ishii  Full Text: External   226-229
Doctor's Degrees : Naoko Toda, Yuko Kawasaki, Yushi Masaki  Full Text: External   230-230