Fukuoka University science reports Fukuoka University 37(2) (20070900)

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Fabrication and X-ray Powder Diffraction Analyses of Bi-Based Hight-T_c Cuprate Superconductors  Full Text: External   1-19
Freezing Behavior of (2/3+Δ)<111> Charge Density Waves and Electronic States in β Titanium Alloys  Full Text: External   21-35
High-Level and Functional Expression of a Recombinant Protein of Onion Trypsin Inhibitor  Full Text: External   37-44
Synthesis and Luminescence Behavior of Cyclometallated Iridium Complexes Bound to a Phosphine-Containing Polymer Ligand  Full Text: External   45-60
Fracture System in the Kitazaki Tonalite at the Yara Cape, Northern Part of Noko Island, Fukuoka City, Northern Kyushu  Full Text: External   61-76
Dependence on Context in case of English-Japanese Machine Translation I-6  Full Text: External   77-81
The Configuration of the Wireless Sensor Network  Full Text: External   83-95
Annual Report on Research Achievements in Faculty of Science (2006 Academic Year)  Full Text: External   97-132