Hogaku kenkyu : journal of law, politics, and sociology Keio University 68(10) (19951028)

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<Articles> Aufgabenverteilung zwischen Rechtsanwalt und Shihoshoshi (Judicial Screvener)  9-26
Japanese Social Democratic Party's Policy toward the United States of America - 1957〜1995  27-57
Tanzania - Uganda War and the Collapse of Amin's Regime : From Inter-State War to Liberation War  59-78
A Sign of Liberalization in the 1960s' Egypt  79-102
The Transformation of U. S. Environmental Policy : From Regulation to Pollution Prevention  103-141
In the Interests of "Rust en Orde" : Press Curbing Ordinance and the Security of the Netherlands Indies in the 1930s  143-170
Indigenous Peoples in Latin-America and International Protection-Implications for the New Law of Ainu in Japan-  171-196
Las inmigrantes japonesas : a traves de las contratadas al Peru  197-214
Idealism and Modern Political Theory  215-240
The rise of the Irish in San Francisco Local Politics and the Asian Immigration Problem at the turn of the 20th Century  241-283
(Essays Commemorating the Retirement of Professor Toshihiko Kagawa)  285-289