Hogaku kenkyu : journal of law, politics, and sociology Keio University 68(11) (19951128)

 CiNii Books

Einfuhrung des "Small Claims Court" -System in Japan  11-28
Slip-of-the Tongue Diplomacy ; the Case of Nakasone and Fujio, 1986  29-50
The European Union and Asia  51-84
Nationalism in Contemporary Australia : Nationalism in the Era of Global Communication  85-124
U. S. Cold War Policy and Japan's Reemergence in Southeast Asia  125-146
The Rise of "Roman Pitjisan" in Medan : An Indonesian Cultural Map and Politics of Popular Novels in the late 1930s  147-179
The Resurgence of Development Economics as Seen in the East Asian Miracle : A Critical Review of the World Bank Report  181-203
The Development of the Urban Transport in Singapore  205-239
The Racial Riots in Malaysia in 1969- "the Fact" and Political Implication-  241-275
Vietnamese External Relations and Human Rights Problems  277-300
Conceptual Change in 'Regional Security' of Southeast Asia : from SEATO to ASEAN, 1960-1967  301-326
Re-constructuring of Contemporary Theory in Modern Political Science : The Road to Science  327-340
Ideologies of British Rule  341-360
Shingapore's Employers' Trade Union and its Role in NWC  361-383
(Essays Commemorating the Retirement of Professor Saburo Matsumoto)  385-394