Hogaku kenkyu : journal of law, politics, and sociology Keio University 74(11) (20011128)

 CiNii Books

<Articles>Zur Erledigung der Hauptsache im Entwurf 2001 einer VerwaltungsprozeSSordnung von Prof.Kimura  1-65
<Articles>Les categories des societes commerciales classees suivant le nombre des actionnaires ou des associes  67-104
<Documents>Entering the 21st Century : Competition Policy in the World of B2B Electronic Marketplaces (1)  105-144
<Documents>"Domarreglerna" of Sweden (2)  145-158
<Case Notes>  159-174
<Case Notes>  175-184
<Review>Interpretations of America among Modern Japanese Intellectuals : Sawada,Jiro "Japanese Images of America : From the Russo-Japanese War to thePacific War" Hasegawa,Yuichi ed. "Japanese Perceptions toward America in the Era of Taishou"  185-208
アルトゥール・カウフマン教授の逝去を悼む (アルトゥール・カウフマン教授追悼記事)  209-216