Memoirs of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Education. Part II, Mathematics & natural sciences University of Yamanashi 29 (19780000)

 CiNii Books

On a Mean-value Theorem  1-2
Deformation Energy in Nuclear Matter Caluculation  3-8
Some Mathematical or Arithmetical Methods  9-14
Effect of Radical Electric Boundary Potential on a Circular Cylindrical Magneto Plasma II  15-19
Measurement of Cores of AS by Channeltrons  20-24
Dye Laser Cell with Curvature  25-29
Chemical Studies on the Mineral and Hot Springs in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan (I)  30-36
Polymerization of Vinyl Monomer by the Titanous Chloride-Oxygen System  37-41
Changes in the Lipid Composition of Soybean Seeds During Maturation  42-47
The Flora in the Southern Japanese Alps (II)  48-54
Synergistic Action of Ethylene with Red Light in the Induction of Rumex Seed Germination  55-60
Shimanto Zone in the Southwestern Mountains of the Kanto Mountainland, Central Japan  61-67
Modal Composition and Rock Series of Volcanic Rock in the West Part of Ashitaka Volcano, Central Japan  68-73
A Study on the Teaching Contents of High School Chemistry  74-80
Elementary Science Education in England : - An Investigation of Science 5-13 -  81-87
On the Proliferate fescue  88-91
Chemical Etching of the Epitaxial Silicon Wafer  92-99
Experimental Study on Impact Vibration 2nd report : - Experimental for hysteresis loop characteristics of restoring force -  100-104
Study on the Home-brewed Miso in Yamanashi Prefecture : - The Investigation of Flavoring and Browning Materials in Omugi Koji-Miso -  105-108
Experimental Study of Fusible Padding Cloth : - Bending stiffness of bonded fabric -  109-112
The Effects of Aging and pH on the degrandation of Meat Protein  113-116
A Study of Drawing the Perspective Gride for a Stereograph with Graphpaper and a Straight Edge  117-121
A Research on the Old Men Over Eighty-eight in Yamanashi Prefecture  122-132
Studies on the Development of Posture  133-138
The Combination Play of Two to Zero in Ball Games  139-145
The First Attempt Establish Stages for the Dance Performance  146-153
Studies on the Heart Rate Measurements in Rest of Lower Classes Children  154-158
An Experimental Study on Muscular Soreness  159-164
Skill Analysis of Swing Action in Selected Rings : - Giant Swing Backward -  165-172