Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan (IEIJ) 84(11) (20001101)

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Psychophysical Experiments on the Legibility of Letters  Full Text: CiNii    785-792
Psychophysical Studies on Legibility and the Crowding Effect  Full Text: CiNii    793-798
Psychophysical Studies on Legibility and Chromatic Contrast  Full Text: CiNii    799-808
Study on Establishing an Evaluation Method for the Visibility of the Human Face : Visual Factors Used in the Evaluation Method and the Composition of Verbal Expressions Used to Evaluate Visibility  Full Text: CiNii    809-814
Evaluation of Lighting Environment Using on Conjoint Analysis (Part 1) : for the Case of Offices  Full Text: CiNii    815-823
Analysis of Class-D Electronic Ballast for Electrodeless Lamps  Full Text: CiNii    824-831
Luminous Intensity Characteristics and Sun-Phantom Ratio in a Pedestrian Signal Head with a Film Type Lens-Unit  Full Text: CiNii    832-837
Effect of Wearing Filter Spectacles to Simulate the Aging of the Human Lens in the Color Naming of Munsell Color Chips  Full Text: CiNii    838-842
Proposal of Practical Method for Calculating and Indexing Feeling of Contrast for a Light Source  Full Text: CiNii    843-850
Effect of Forehead Exposure to Red Light Emitting Diode Light on Peripheral Natural Killer Cells  Full Text: CiNii    851-854
照明の実際-2 ビデオ会議システム:照明デザイン問題 R.A.Hargroves and T.McFadden : Video Conferencing Systems : Lighting Design Considerations [Lighting Research and Technology, Vol.31, No.3, pp.123-126 (1999)]  Full Text: CiNii    855
照明の実際-3 モスクワ環状幹線道路を横断する人道橋におけるスリットライトガイドを用いた照明システム J.B.Aizenberg, D.Albert, O.G.Koryagin, G.B.Kravets and U.Radde : Architectural-Function Lighting System with Slit Guides for a Footbridge Across the Moscow Ring Highway [Light & Engineering, Vol.5, No.1, pp.1-4 (1997)]  Full Text: CiNii    855
光放射の計測-5 配光特性の比較 I.Ashdown : Comparing Photometric Distributions [Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society, Vol.29, No.1, pp.25-33 (1999)]  Full Text: CiNii    855
色-1 放射エネルギーによるカラーペーパーの変色に対する新しい評価方法 H.Kim and H.B.Kim : New Evaluation Method for the Lightfastness of Colored Papers by Radiant Energy [Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society, Vol.29, No.1, pp.17-24 (2000)]  Full Text: CiNii    855
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照明学会論文号「寄稿のしおり」  Full Text: CiNii    1-6
論文の書き方  Full Text: CiNii    7-10
照明学会誌英文誌「寄稿のしおり」  Full Text: CiNii    i-iii
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