The Journal of the Iwate Medical Association Iwate Medical University 51(4) (19991001)

 CiNii Books

G-protein Medicated SignalTransduction and its Regulation by ProteinPhosphorylation  327-344
Long-term FollowupStudy of Hearing Acuity on the SameIndividuals  345-360
Accelerated Production of Small, Dense LDL inNon-Insulin-Dependent DiabetesMellitus  361-369
Serial Changes in the Serum Levelsof Type IV Collagen, Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 and Tissue Inhibitor ofMetalloproteinase-2 in Patients with Acute and FulminantHepatitis  371-379
Analysis of Histogenesis andDegree of Malignancy in Gastrointestinal StromalTumors  381-390
Effects of SevofluraneAnesthesia on the Levels of Fluorides in Blood and Urine and on RenalFunction : Clinical Study between Semiclosed and Closed AnesthesiaCircuits  391-399
Clinical Findings in Obese Children and Effect ofSchool Health Program forThem  401-416
Analysis ofCell Proliferation and p53 Overexpression of Early Gastric Cancer in EachHistological Type - Special Difference between Intramucosal Cancer andSubmucosalCancer  417-427
Meaning of13C-Urea Breath Test(13C-UBT) in Helicobacter pylori-Infective Patients -InParticular Influence on the Factors which Affect Delta 13CValue  429-439
Quantitative Analysis of Cross-linking Amino Acids of Elastin in theWall of Human PulmonaryArtery  441-452
ACase of Retroperitoneal Emphysema Associated with Stercoraceous Perforationof the SigmoidColon  453-457