Annual report of the Faculty of Education, Gifu University. Humanities and social sciences Gifu University 53(1) (20041100)

 CiNii Books

Reexamination how to teach Chinese classical literature and philosophy to junior high school Students(6)  Full Text: External   1-10
Some description on negative expressions in Gifu dialects  Full Text: External   11-28
The Spiritual history of <<jeu>> : Marivaux's Le Jeu de l'amour et du hasard  Full Text: External   29-38
The Contents of Paulos Mission to the Greeks  Full Text: External   39-47
The Original Meaning of Philosophy : In the case of Antistenes  Full Text: External   49-58
Northern Elements in Matteo di Giovanni's "Massacre of the Innocents"  Full Text: External   59-70
Ambiguity in Some Comprehensive Books on Linguistics  Full Text: External   71-90
The International Education from the Viewpoints of the Minorities : The Education, Lives, and Human Rights of the Korean in Japan  Full Text: External   91-147
A Study on English Ability of the Students of Faculty of Education, Gifu University  Full Text: External   149-162
The Problems of New Life-Creation Reflected in Social Issues of the Aging Society : Standpoint of Ageism and Sexism  Full Text: External   163-176
Study of the Curriculum Development and Revision for the Elementary School during the Seventies in Baden-Wurttemberg, the Federal Republic of Germany  Full Text: External   177-197
Study of the Conversion of Educational Politics toward Humanize Education in the Federal Republic of Germany; the Main Aim of the Curriculum Revision during the Seventies in Baden-Wurttemberg  Full Text: External   199-215
Dewey's Moral Education Theory and its Development  Full Text: External   217-226
Teachers' attitudes towards the absolute evaluation and their assessment behaviors  Full Text: External   227-237
What do teachers perceive that cause the problematic behaviors of students with High Functional Autism, ADHD, LD?  Full Text: External   239-248
Conceptual discussion on antecedent to increase desired behaviors in support practice to improve behavior problems for children with developmental disabilities  Full Text: External   249-257
A Study on the some Tales in Tsurezuregusa  Full Text: External   266-258