IEICE technical report. Component parts and materials The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 108(192) (20080821)

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Photonic crystal polarizer array and applications of 2D polarization imaging  Full Text: CiNii    1-4
Wavelength filters utilizing wavy dielectric multilayer  Full Text: CiNii    5-10
Optical Device Application of EO/MO Materials by Aerosol Deposition  Full Text: CiNii    11-14
Proposal of DisplacementSensing by Delayed Transmission/Reflection Ratiometric Sensor  Full Text: CiNii    15-20
Fast optical reconfigurations of four-context DORGAs  Full Text: CiNii    21-26
An estimation of a large-scale Dynamic Optically Reconfigurable Gate Array VLSI  Full Text: CiNii    27-31
Terahertz-Frequency Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy of Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate  Full Text: CiNii    33-38
New scheme for independently stabilizing the repetition rate and optical frequency of a laser using a regenerative mode-locking technique  Full Text: CiNii    39-44
Channel-by-channel tunable optical dispersion compensator using arrayed-waveguide grating and liquid crystal on silicon  Full Text: CiNii    45-50
Degradation phenomenon of electrical contacts by hammering oscillating mechanism : for Contact Resistance (II)  Full Text: CiNii    51-56
Enhancement of photovoltaic efficiency in dye sensitized solar cells by using TiO_2 surface treatments  Full Text: CiNii    57-60
High-speed and low-resistance fast recovery diodes using SiGe anode layers  Full Text: CiNii    61-64
Photo sensors using 6T/TiO_2 organic-inorganic heterojunction diode  Full Text: CiNii    65-68
Quantum Well Distributed Bragg Reflector Laser Using Surface Curved Grating  Full Text: CiNii    69-74
A Compact Widely Wavelength-Tunable Laser Diode Monolithically Integrated with a Ring/MZI Loop-Filter  Full Text: CiNii    75-78
Highly reliable operation of 10-Gbps low-power-consumption lasers with InGaAlAs-InGaAsP integrated structures  Full Text: CiNii    79-82
10Gbps direct modulation experiment using a 1.3 micron-range ridge waveguide laser on an InGaAs substrate  Full Text: CiNii    83-88
The guardring-free InAlAs Avalanche Photodiodes for optical communication  Full Text: CiNii    89-92
Frequency stabilization of semiconductor lasers for onboard interferometers using both Rb-saturated absorption profiles and double optical feedback systems  Full Text: CiNii    93-98
Oscillation frequency stabilization of a semiconductor laser by an indirect modulation method using the Faraday effect  Full Text: CiNii    99-102
A 1.3GHz ultranarrow FBG optical filter with 20-dB side lobe suppression  Full Text: CiNii    103-108
1.5μm Femtosecond Fiber Soliton Laser with CNT-doped Polymer Saturable Absorber  Full Text: CiNii    109-113
R=1mm 90°-Bent Multi-Mode Optical Fiber 2 : The study of the bending loss by using BPM simulation  Full Text: CiNii    115-119
Minimum Loss Condition of a Straight and a Bent Rectangular Hollow Waveguide  Full Text: CiNii    121-126
Experimental Study on Code Reconfigurability in FBG Based En/Decoder  Full Text: CiNii    127-132
Filtering property of all-optical tunable filter with photorefractive waveguide and suppression of cross-talk  Full Text: CiNii    133-137
Fast optical correlator based on phase only correlation with holographic memory  Full Text: CiNii    139-143
Thermal Stress Evaluation of Printed Circuit Board Connector Due to Current Flow by Using Thermography and Holography  Full Text: CiNii    145-150
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