IEICE technical report. Microwaves The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 103(236) (20030723)

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Microscopic Propagation Mechanisms Extracted from Measured DoA Data in an Urban Macrocellular Enviroment  Full Text: CiNii    1-6
Experimental Evaluation of the Free Space Transmission Characteristics of Ultra-Wideband Antenna  Full Text: CiNii    7-12
A high-receiving-sensitivity 70-GHz-band transceiver using a millimeter-wave self-heterodyne transmission technique with a receiving module array  Full Text: CiNii    13-18
Application of FEM to Measurement of Permittivity and Permeability of Lossy Sheet Using Coaxial Discontinuity  Full Text: CiNii    19-24
Measurements of nematic liquid crystal response time  Full Text: CiNii    25-30
Ultra-thin broadband OMT with Turnstile Junction  Full Text: CiNii    31-35
Miniaturization of a Grounded-Patch Resonator Embedded in a Microstrip Line Substrate  Full Text: CiNii    37-42
Rheometry experiment for a wire antenna aboard spacecraft at low frequencies  Full Text: CiNii    43-48
Nighttime Ionospheric Propagation of MF Radio Waves Used for DGPS  Full Text: CiNii    49-54
Charactaristics Analysis of Time-Space Path model for Mobile Radio : Arrival Angle Profile Chracteristics  Full Text: CiNii    55-60
Design of an Antenna with a Cosecant Square Radiation Pattern in Upward and Downward Directions  Full Text: CiNii    61-66
Design of a Waveguide Crossed Slot Linear Array with a Matching Element By the Method of Moments Using Numerical-Eigenmode Basis Functions  Full Text: CiNii    67-72
Multi-Layer Parasitic Microstrip Array Antenna on LTCC Substrate for Millilneter-Wave System-on-Package  Full Text: CiNii    73-78
A Printed Slot Array Antenna Having 45-Degree Linear Polarization  Full Text: CiNii    79-84
Space Satellite Active Integrated Antenna for Automotive  Full Text: CiNii    85-90
Proximity Feed Polarimetric Microstrip Array Antenna  Full Text: CiNii    91-96
Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna Array for Circular Polarization  Full Text: CiNii    97-102
An Imaging Reflector Antenna with a Spatial Filter for Suppressing Grating Lobes  Full Text: CiNii    103-108
A Study of Aspect Ratio of the Aperture and the Effects on Antenna Efficiency in Oversized Rectangular Slotted Waveguide Arrays  Full Text: CiNii    109-114
Study on Array Calibration Effect for Various DOA Estimation Techniques  Full Text: CiNii    115-120
Combination of Optimization Algorithms for MMSE/CMA Adaptive Antenna Array  Full Text: CiNii    121-126
An Improvement of MC-KMA Adaptive Array for OFDM Taansmission System by Using Diversity Composition  Full Text: CiNii    127-131
Development of a MIMO Experimental System having a Function of Space and Polarization Diversity  Full Text: CiNii    133-138
Localization of Sources in the Finite Distance Using MUSIC Algorithm by the Spherical Mode Vector  Full Text: CiNii    139-142
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