IEICE technical report. ME and bio cybernetics The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 98(400) (19981117)

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A System for Measuremet of Direct and Axon-Reflex Vasodilatatioin Induced by Heat Stimulation  Full Text: CiNii    1-6
Measurement of Event-related Potentials to Novel Electrical Stimuli with Painful Sensation.  Full Text: CiNii    7-12
Influence of ELF magnetic field on pituitary gland and lifetime of goldfish  Full Text: CiNii    13-18
Study of Taste Sensing on Electrical and Optical Characteristics of Artificial Lipid Membrane  Full Text: CiNii    19-26
Measurement of the joint angle by using the strain gauge  Full Text: CiNii    27-31
A Basic Study on Stabilizing the Sensation elicited by Electrocutaneous Stimulation  Full Text: CiNii    33-40
A Prototype System for Versatile Visualization and Analysis of Mandibular Movement Data  Full Text: CiNii    41-48
A New Apparatus for Ambulatory Biological Activity Recording  Full Text: CiNii    49-54
Measurement of physiological and psychological condition in human by multiple biosignals  Full Text: CiNii    55-62
Optimal Control Strategy of Biological Chemical Information Transduction Across a Cellular Membrane. : Receptor, ATP and Hormone Complex  Full Text: CiNii    63-70
Viscous Fluid Velocity in Vertical Direction on the Cross Sectional Plane of Helically Coiled Tube at the Steady Flow. : Application to analysis of Intra Myocardial Coronary Arterial Blood flow velocity  Full Text: CiNii    71-78
Filling-in Process and Global Binding in Computation of Motion Direction  Full Text: CiNii    79-86
Effect of the background stimulus on fixation and smooth pursuit eye movement : A model  Full Text: CiNii    87-94
A Basic Study on Inverse Modeling for Generation of Stimulation Pattern used in FES  Full Text: CiNii    95-101
On the slow-dynamics in spontaneous activity of central single neurons during sleep  Full Text: CiNii    103-110
[OTHERS]  Full Text: CiNii