Journal of the University of the Air The Open University of Japan 11 (19930000)

 CiNii Books

A Comparative Study of Elderly Men and Women in the Process of Economic, Physical, Spiritual, and Family Deterioration (Part 2: The Women)  Full Text: External   1-34
Man and Body Described in the Classics (7) : Man and Body Described in the Book of "JOSHUA"  Full Text: External   35-45
An Analysis of Structural Changes in the Female College Graduate Labor Market in Japan  Full Text: External   47-74
Zur Bedeutung der Schellingschen Philosophie der Kunst : Studien zum deutschen Idealismus  Full Text: External   85-113
ロシア・ロマン主義文学における心理主義  Full Text: External   141-150
Introduction to Vibrational Spectroscopy : The State of the Art of Fourier Transform Spectroscopy and Its Future Development  Full Text: External   151-180
A Study of Kyohoban-Kanajindaiki I : Introduction and Reprint (1)  Full Text: External   210(43)-182(71)
Ichiyo's Diaries as 'the Tosui Calendar' and Tsurezuregusa  Full Text: External   230(23)-211(42)
Deer Calls in Japan  1-22