Journal of the University of the Air The Open University of Japan 12 (19940000)

 CiNii Books

A Study of the Social Structures Causing Prostitution in Japan : From the Viewpoint of Social Welfare  Full Text: External   1-17
The Development of the Study of the Economics of Education in Japan : A Survey  Full Text: External   19-40
Institutionals and Noninstitutionals : An Essay on the Evolution in Economic Institutions  Full Text: External   41-56
The "Willfulness" Requirement of Criminal Tax Evasion  Full Text: External   57-73
Fichtes Methode und die intellektuelle Anschauung : Studien zum deutschen Idealismus  Full Text: External   75-82
Limitations of Radio Exercises for Beginning Students of Spanish  83-94
Excavated Kotos (1)  95-112
"Japanese" and "Koreans" in the Ikuno Area of Osaka  113-135
Polarization Variations of the RV Tauri Stars  Full Text: External   137-150
A Study of Kyohoban-Kanajindaiki II : Reprint (2)  Full Text: External   176(23)-151(48)
The Genealogy of Loti and Watteau in Butokai  Full Text: External   198(1)-178(21)