Journal of the University of the Air The Open University of Japan 18 (20000000)

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Development and pathological changes of ego-functions(1) : In search of assessment-scale ofego-functions  Full Text: External   1-10
Recent movement of globalized world trading system and theory of international trade : Which way will traditional theory of international trade direct toward?  Full Text: External   11-30
Absentee ownership, absentee consumption, and absentee production in modern economic society : Veblen's critique of absentee capitalism  Full Text: External   31-60
Harmonizing agricultural development with protection of wild animals : A case study of Nipponia Nippon in Yang County, China : Part II  Full Text: External   61-89
Nietzsche : Uber den Mut zum Leben  Full Text: External   91-114
Music scenes in Yokohama-ukiyoes -Do theyreally represent music activities in Yokohama ?-  115-132
The characteristics of intrinsic polarization for four RV Tauri stars  Full Text: External   133-149
Maritime transport and Osaka commerce in early modern Japan : The case of the port of Hachinohein northeastern Honshu  Full Text: External   151-168
<Research Note> An essay on ikigai of theelderly : Is it valid in medical research?  169-185
The old annotations of Tsurezuregusa : from Tsurezuregusa-Jumyoinsho to Nozuchi  Full Text: External   206(17)-188(35)
A study on the constructions of sentences in Kogoshui depended on the diacritical language  Full Text: External   222(1)-207(16)