Journal of the University of the Air The Open University of Japan 22 (20040000)

 CiNii Books

Human Rights Protection Systems for People with Mental Illness  Full Text: External   1-17
The survey of the actual condition and consciousness on physical education and the sport for the physically handicapped person of the University of the Air  Full Text: External   19-26
Das Badezimmer-Image in den Traumen : Aus der Perspektive der Psychotherapeutik  27-36
Generation and Regeneration of Money System : Yokohama Exchange Company and Rising of Money System  Full Text: External   45-55
Participatory Measures of Protection for Crested Ibis Nipponia Nippon and its Habitat : Comparative Case Study of Yang County, China and Niibo of Sado,Japan  Full Text: External   57-70
11 Dutch lyrics sung in Japan during the Edo Period (1603-1867) (Addenda)  Full Text: External   87-92
Welsh Georgics by R. S. Thomas : Iago Prytherch Wandering in Absurd, Primordial Nature  Full Text: External   93-100
Vertical/Horizontal-Individualism/Collectivism of Japanese and American Respondents : Differences between counries and generations  Full Text: External   101-110
Features of Intrinsic Polarization of AD Aql and V Vul  Full Text: External   111-119
The Research of Turezuregusa drawn for the Picture  Full Text: External   132(15)-121(26)
A study on Kamiyonomaki Kagaminotsutahe  Full Text: External   146(1)-134(13)