Journal of the University of the Air The Open University of Japan 29 (20110000)

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The Collective Effects of Social Capital  Full Text: External   1-11
Increase of Social Support Services and Transition of Industrial Society ─ Why do the social support services show such an increasing trend in Japan ? ─  Full Text: External   13-27
The Process of Realizing Bhutanʼs Development Philosophy of Gross National Happiness Through Forests Preservation and Local Governance  Full Text: External   29-45
L'éducation artistique et la formation continue en France  Full Text: External   47-54
Communicative Features in the Copies of the Campaigns for Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake  Full Text: External   55-62
Homecoming, Exile and Bilingualism ─ Minae Mizumuraʼs I-Novel from Left to Right ─  Full Text: External   63-68
Method to observe the difference spectrum ─ Application to vibrational circular dichroism spectroscopy ─  Full Text: External   69-80
The Determination of Atmospheric Parameters of Curve-of-Growth by the Simulated Annealing Method  Full Text: External   81-88
The Open University of Japanʼs Support Systems for Disabled Students ─ Learning from the experiences of "Nanohana no kai", the voluntary support group for visually impaired students ─  Full Text: External   89-102
Geographical Difficulties for Leaning at The Open University of Japan ─ The Situation for Learning of Those Who Live in Islands and the Possible Solutions ─  Full Text: External   103-113
Drive Control of Electric Wheelchair Based on Human Friendly Actuation  Full Text: External   115-120
吉田健一の「味わいエッセイ」を読み解く - 神戸篇  Full Text: External   132(1)-122(11)