Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan The Ceramic Society of Japan 109(1270) (20010601)

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Development of Photocatalyst Materials for Water Splitting with the Aim at Photon Energy Conversion  Full Text: CiNii    S81-S88
High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Silicon Nitride Ceramics  Full Text: CiNii    S89-S97
[OTHERS]  Full Text: CiNii    S98
Preparation of Thermally Stable Mesoporous Tin Dioxide Powders with High Specific Surface Area by Utilizing Self-Assembly of Surfactants  Full Text: CiNii    481-483
Photochemical Hole Burning of Sm^<2+> in Sodium Borate Glasses Induced by Near-Infrared Femtosecond-Laser Irradiation  Full Text: CiNii    484-488
Formations of Apatite Layer on Silicon Single Crystal : Effect of Ion Concentrations in Aqueous Solution  Full Text: CiNii    489-492
Nanocomposite PLZT Ceramic Materials in Comparison with Other Processing Technique for Photostrictive Application  Full Text: CiNii    493-499
Synthesis and Sintering of Zirconia Nano-Powder by Non-Isothermal Decomposition from Hydroxide  Full Text: CiNii    500-505
Effect of Particle Morphology on Electrochemical Property of LiMn_2O_4  Full Text: CiNii    506-510
Scratch Resistance of Sodium Borosilicate Glass  Full Text: CiNii    511-515
Analysis of Electrosteric Interaction of Polymer Dispersant in Dense Alumina Suspensions with Different Counter-Ion Densities Using an Atomic Force Microscope  Full Text: CiNii    516-520
Synthesis of Li-Deficient Type LiMn_2O_4 Spinel and Its Gradual Structural Change  Full Text: CiNii    521-526
Property of (La, Ca)CrO_3 for Interconnect in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (Part 2) : Durability  Full Text: CiNii    527-534
Enhancement of Oxidation Resistance of Continuous-Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic Composite by Using C-B-Si Fiber-Coating and SiC Surface-Coating  Full Text: CiNii    535-541
Investigation of Oriented Diamond Films on Noble Metal  Full Text: CiNii    542-549
Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Strong TiB_2-B_4C Ceramic System by Hot-Pressing  Full Text: CiNii    550-556
Thermoelectric Properties of Mn-Doped β-FeSi_2 Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering  Full Text: CiNii    557-560
Microstructure and High-Temperature Internal Friction of Unidirectionally Solidified Al_2O_3/YAG Eutectic Composite  Full Text: CiNii    561-564
Fabrication of Al-Si_3N_4 Composites Using a High-Strength Porous Si_3N_4 Ceramic and Their Thermal Conductivity  Full Text: CiNii    565-569
Critical Particle Size for the Formation of Ceria-Zirconia Solid Solution by Solid Phase Reaction near Room Temperature Estimated from Average Particle Size  Full Text: CiNii    570-573
Thermal Stability of Au Thin Film Deposited on Al_2O_3 Substrate with RuO_2 Adhesion Layer  Full Text: CiNii    574-575
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