Technical report of IEICE. OCS The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 101(221) (20010720)

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Multiwavelength Fiber Lasers with Spacing Tunability  Full Text: CiNii    1-6
The conduct measurement system on the rock which used a optical fiber  Full Text: CiNii    7-12
10.92-Tb/s ultra-dense/triple-band WDM transmission experiment with optical repeaters  Full Text: CiNii    13-18
Measurement of optical fiber dispersion using optical frequency-modulation method and its application to in-service dispersion monitor  Full Text: CiNii    19-24
Study on transmission characteristics of EDFAs amplifying burst optical signals  Full Text: CiNii    25-30
Study on fast decoding algorithm for block trubo codes and it's application for optical transmission systems  Full Text: CiNii    31-36
An optical signal transformation technology applicable to fiber-optic access systems  Full Text: CiNii    37-41
Bit-Error Rate impaired by Frequency-to-Amplitude Noise Conversion due to Fiber Dispersion in Optical OOK Communication Systems  Full Text: CiNii    43-48
Over tera-bit/s OCDM/WDM transmission experiment  Full Text: CiNii    49-54
A Study on Code Assignment Method for Optical CDM Label Switching  Full Text: CiNii    55-60
Full-mesh wavelength-routing network system : AWG-STAR  Full Text: CiNii    61-66
Scalability of AWG-STAR network system  Full Text: CiNii    67-72
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