Technical report of IEICE. OCS The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 105(380) (20051028)

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Numerical Analysis on Sinusoidal Relief Type 3D Periodic Optical Waveguides using Fourier Series Expansion Method  Full Text: CiNii    1-6
Numerical and Experimental Study on Transmission Characteristics of Photonic Crystal Directional Coupler  Full Text: CiNii    7-10
Propagation Properties of Lightwave in Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Waveguide with Microcavity  Full Text: CiNii    11-14
A novel approach for designing photonic crystal fiber splitters with polarization-independent propagation characteristics  Full Text: CiNii    15-20
Propagation Properties of Hybrid modes in Bragg fiber  Full Text: CiNii    21-26
A numerical study on the stability of pulse generation in harmonically mode-locked fiber ring lasers : Effect of group delay of optical bandpass filter  Full Text: CiNii    27-32
Tunable Dispersion Compensator using PLC type Optical Transversal Filter  Full Text: CiNii    33-36
A Reconfigurable and Scalable Hardware Architecture for a Service Oriented Platform  Full Text: CiNii    37-40
Low Driving Voltage 40Gbit/s Semiconductor-based Mach-Zehnder Modulator  Full Text: CiNii    41-44
40Gbit/s Versatile LiNbO3 External Lightwave Modulator  Full Text: CiNii    45-48
Ultra-flat otpical frequency comb generation using Mach-Zehnder modulator  Full Text: CiNii    49-53
Stabilization of electrooptic sensor based on resonant wavelength shift of LiNbO_3 disk resonator  Full Text: CiNii    55-58
Use of Turbo Coding for Embedded Transmission Scheme in Optical CDMA  Full Text: CiNii    59-63
All-optical NRZ-OOK/RZ-BPSK conversion by using SOA-MZI wavelength converter  Full Text: CiNii    65-69
All-Optical Regeneration of Phase-Modulated Signals  Full Text: CiNii    71-74
All Optical Wavelength Conversion Based on Cross Polarization Modulation Using Bismuth Fiber  Full Text: CiNii    75-78
All-Optical Logic Gates Based on Nonlinear Slot Waveguide Couplers  Full Text: CiNii    79-84
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