Technical report of IEICE. OCS The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 108(189) (20080821)

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Leakage Loss Reduction of TM-Like Modes in Silicon-On-Insulator Ridge Waveguides with a Dimple  Full Text: CiNii    1-6
Ytterbium-doped Solid Photonic BandGap Fiber  Full Text: CiNii    7-12
Time-Reversal Operation of Wave Propagation Dynamics in Optical Waveguide Arrays  Full Text: CiNii    13-16
Development of CFRP/FBG Inclination Sensor and Its Performance  Full Text: CiNii    17-20
Research and development of polarization maintaining optical fibers and their applications  Full Text: CiNii    21-30
Pulse propagation characteristics in dispersion-managed comb-like profiled fiber  Full Text: CiNii    31-34
Transmission of 10-Gsymbol/s 16-QAM Signals using Digital Coherent Optical Receiver  Full Text: CiNii    35-40
Ultrafast Operation of Digital Coherent Receivers Using Their Optical Time-Division Demultiplexing Function  Full Text: CiNii    41-46
Nonlinear Inter-channel Crosstalk Compensation using Pre-distortion in Carrier Phase Locked WDM  Full Text: CiNii    47-50
Progress in Ultrafast Optical Transmission Technology based on Optical Processing : ranging from LD modules to all-optical processing circuits : the newly-developed multiplexing technologies  Full Text: CiNii    51
Perspective of Optical Communication Technologies : Considering the relations with social life and global warming  Full Text: CiNii    53-56
Super high density WDM access system employing wavelength-swept light  Full Text: CiNii    57-62
Steepest Descent-Based Tracking Algorithm for the Compensation of PMD Variation Caused by SOP Change  Full Text: CiNii    63-68
40-km Range, 1-m Resolution Measurement employing Phase-noise-compensated C-OFDR  Full Text: CiNii    69-72
電子情報通信学会光通信システム研究会(OCS)主催 第二種研究会開催のお知らせ(第一弾)  Full Text: CiNii   
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