Natural science research, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokushima The University of Tokushima 23 (20090000)

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Effect of econazole on membrane calcium transport in rat thymocytes  1-6
Gravels of high-grade metamorphic rocks from the Dochu Formation, Nakaue, Yoshinogawa Valley, East Shikoku, Japan  7-11
Effects of Zn^<2+> chelators, DTPA and TPEN, and ZnCl_2 on the cells treated with hydrogen peroxide: a flow-cytometric study using rat thymocytes  13-19
Search for anomalous top-gluon couplings at hadron colliders  21-30
Marbles from Tokushima Prefecture, decorating the National Diet Building : Part3 : Comparison between the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors  31-45
Morphological features of tafoni on cliffs of the Miocene tuff, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan  47-63
Geological structures of the Northern Chichibu Terrain of the Sasagatani Area, Central Shikoku  65-76
Geological structures of the Mikabu greenstones of the Nishi-ishihara Area, Central Shikoku  77-85
Protein Expression Analysis in Temparature-adaptated Mutant Strains of Moderately thermophile Geobacillus stearothermophilus  87-95