The transactions of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers J80-D-2(2) (19970225)

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次世代画像符号化技術論文小特集の発行にあたって  Full Text: CiNii    397-398
The Role of Computer Vision in Moving Picture Coding  Full Text: CiNii    399-406
Three-Dimensional Television and Coding  Full Text: CiNii    407-414
A Binary Structured Segmentation-Based Noiseless Image Coding Scheme Using MDL Principle  Full Text: CiNii    415-425
A Study on Data Compression for Gray Images Using a Hilbert Scan  Full Text: CiNii    426-433
Motion Compensation Based on Variable-Size and Variable-Shape Blocks  Full Text: CiNii    434-443
A Dynamic Computation Resource Scalable Algorithm for Software Video CODEC  Full Text: CiNii    444-458
A Study on Frame Structure of Segment-Based Coding  Full Text: CiNii    459-467
Segmentation Using Voronoi Diagrams for Image Coding  Full Text: CiNii    468-478
Global Motion Segmentation Method and Its Application to Progressive Scanning Conversion  Full Text: CiNii    479-486
Representation of Moving Image Sequence with Skewed Planes and Its Application to the Video Coding  Full Text: CiNii    487-496
Adapting Color Properties for Augmented Virtuality : Application for Real Time Eye Expression Generation  Full Text: CiNii    497-504
Hierarchical Correlation Disparity Estimation for Stereoscopic Image Coding  Full Text: CiNii    505-512
Automatic Detection of Major Phrase Boundaries Based on a Measure which Takes into Account the Number of Prosodic Control Parameters  Full Text: CiNii    513-520
An Off-Line Hand-Written Character Recognition System with Redundant Template Base Using Cosine Type Contour Transformation  Full Text: CiNii    521-530
Visualization of Two Dimensional Velocity of Left Ventricle from Successive Images Recorded by High-Frame-Rate Echography  Full Text: CiNii    531-540
Relative Karhunen-Loeve Transform Method for Pattern Recognition  Full Text: CiNii    541-547
Integration of Multiple Range Data Based on a Parallel Estimation of Coordinates Transformation Parameters  Full Text: CiNii    548-557
Color Correction Method for the Color Shifts Due to Illuminant Changes Based on the Estimation of the Spectral Reflectance  Full Text: CiNii    558-568
Recursive Subdivision Methods and Subspace Classification : The Extension to Approximation of Curves in Small Subspace  Full Text: CiNii    569-578
A Fast Garbled Spelling Correction Method Based on Constituent Character Hashing  Full Text: CiNii    579-588
High Speed Subsumption Process on the Hypothetical Reasoning System Using Inference-Path Network  Full Text: CiNii    589-597
Feature Selection in Flexible Image Retrieval  Full Text: CiNii    598-606
An Analysis on Genetic Algorithms Using Markov Processes with Rewards  Full Text: CiNii    607-617
Model of Presynaptic Inhibition for Search Access  Full Text: CiNii    618-625
Escapes from the Speed Down Area on Training Using the Backpropagation Errors Changeable Algorithm  Full Text: CiNii    626-633
Depth Perception of Line Drawings Depending on First Gaze Point and Angle of Drawings  Full Text: CiNii    634-641
Adaptive Properties of Pursuit Eye Movements  Full Text: CiNii    642-651
A Wavelet Neural Network with Evolutionally Generated Structure  Full Text: CiNii    652-659
Stereo Matching by Forbidden Cone  Full Text: CiNii    660-668
3-D Shape Reconstruction of Articular Cartilage of Femoral Head from MR Images on Multiple Plane  Full Text: CiNii    669-677
Optical Flow Estimation from Tagged MR Image Sequences  Full Text: CiNii    678-685
The Process of Producing 3-D Models for Tactile Recognition  Full Text: CiNii    686-691
Detection Method of Slip Position of Texture Using Phase Characteristics  Full Text: CiNii    692-695
Difference of Solution Regions due to Net's Polarity  Full Text: CiNii    696-699
An Application of a Stochastic Genetic Algorithm to Invisible Matrices Games  Full Text: CiNii    700-702
英文論文誌紹介(IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems)  Full Text: CiNii    703
複写をされる方に  Full Text: CiNii    704
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