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Generation of a Composite Part-of-Speech and Automatically Derived Word Sequence N-gram Model  Full Text: CiNii    1929-1936
Musical Structure Model and Its Visualization Mechanism for Hypertext Score System  Full Text: CiNii    1937-1948
Automatic Generation of Synthesis Units by Units Selection Based on Closed Loop Training  Full Text: CiNii    1949-1954
Topic Spotting from Broadcast News Using a Topic Mixture Model  Full Text: CiNii    1955-1964
The Pitch Estimation of Different Musical Instruments Sounds Using Comb Filters for Transcription  Full Text: CiNii    1965-1974
Determination of Weight Coefficients of Energy Function of Active Tubes Using Neural Networks  Full Text: CiNii    1975-1982
Robust Gesture Recognition by Using Image Motion and Data Compression  Full Text: CiNii    1983-1992
Selective Acquisition of 3-D Structure with and Active Stereo Vision System  Full Text: CiNii    1993-2007
Keyframe Tracking of Human Body in 3D Motion from a Monocular Image Sequence  Full Text: CiNii    2008-2018
License Plate Recognition Method for Passing Vehicles with Robust Sensing Device against Varied Illumination Condition  Full Text: CiNii    2019-2026
Fast and Precise Discriminant Function Considering Correlations of Elements of Feature Vectors and Its Application to Character Recognition  Full Text: CiNii    2027-2034
Fast Visual Search Using Focussed Color Matching : Active Search  Full Text: CiNii    2035-2042
Real-Time Detection and Recognition of Multiple Regions Using Stereo Disparity and Optical Flow Information  Full Text: CiNii    2043-2051
Extration of Character String Region by a Correlation Method  Full Text: CiNii    2052-2060
Optical Flow Estimation from Image Motion Trajectory in spatiotemporal Space  Full Text: CiNii    2061-2073
Ellipse Detection Using a Genetic Algorithm and Grouping of Edgels into Line-Support Regions  Full Text: CiNii    2074-2085
Contour Following and Reconstruction of Binary Images Stored by Run Format  Full Text: CiNii    2086-2096
A Ddetail Enhancement Method by Merging Multi Exposure Shift Images  Full Text: CiNii    2097-2103
Image Restoration Using Genetic Algorithms and Iterative Processes  Full Text: CiNii    2104-2111
Automatic Classification of TV Sports News Video by Multiple Subspace Method  Full Text: CiNii    2112-2119
Quality Estimation of Products Group from Non-uniform Texture Images by Selective Self Inhibited Learning  Full Text: CiNii    2120-2129
Construction of Shape Description Based on Tree Structural Representation of Range Images  Full Text: CiNii    2130-2138
Simulation and Analysis of Spectral Power Distribution of Human Skin  Full Text: CiNii    2139-2145
Evaluation of Prediction Method of Target Word Using Inductive Learning for Unknown Derivative Words and Compound Words  Full Text: CiNii    2146-2158
Abstract Evaluation Based on Surface Information of Sentences  Full Text: CiNii    2159-2167
CLEPE : A Task Ontology Based Conceptual Level Programming Environment  Full Text: CiNii    2168-2180
Self-Organizing Formation of Receptive Fields  Full Text: CiNii    2181-2190
A Cellular Network Model of 2-D Movement Remembrance  Full Text: CiNii    2191-2199
Competitive Model to Classify Unknown Data into Hierarchical Clusters through Unsupervised Learning  Full Text: CiNii    2200-2210
A Fine Delay Control Method for Sampled Waves Based on Interpolation and Allpass Filtering  Full Text: CiNii    2211-2214
Image Retrieval Based on Fuzzy Region Clustering  Full Text: CiNii    2215-2218
Convergence Property of Hopfield Type Neural Network with Delay Synapses  Full Text: CiNii    2219-2227
英文論文誌紹介(IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems)  Full Text: CiNii    2228
複写をされる方に  Full Text: CiNii    2229
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