Research reports of Kanagawa Institute of Technology. Part A, Humanities and social science Kanagawa Institute of Technology 22 (19980300)

 CiNii Books

A Study of Hegel's "Science of Logic" 8  1-13
On the Role of Military Advises of Comintern in the Period of the First Kuomintang and Chinese Communist Party Cooperation (18)  15-24
Theory of Autonomy and Informed Consent -- A Charge in the Constitution of "Self-Determination" --  33-40
Change of the Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue, Muscle Thickness, Muscle Strength and Aerobic and Anaerobic Power for Three Years in KIT Baseball Players  41-46
A Description of La Caricature 2/2  47-67
The Art of Description in Kyogen Comedic Theatre  69-77
Plants that Appear in Fables, Exempla and Fairy Tales of British Folktales  79-89
Yes, I Splits and Neg Heads! -- The NegP Analysis Revisited --  91-120
Number Symbolism in Robert Herrick's Figure Poems  121-131