IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 101(737) (20020313)

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Neural Coding Model in the Brain Using the Morphoelectrotonic Transform Theory  Full Text: CiNii    1-8
Binding mechanisms in visual perception of a moving segment  Full Text: CiNii    9-16
Analysis of visual attention to color in terms of RSVP task  Full Text: CiNii    17-24
Chromatic mechanisms mediating perceptual color transparency  Full Text: CiNii    25-32
Receptive Fields and Coding Properties of ON-OFF Retinal Ganglion Cells  Full Text: CiNii    33-38
Population coding model for multiple disparities with the binocular energy model  Full Text: CiNii    39-46
A Study on Backpropagation Characteristics in Dendrite Hardware Model  Full Text: CiNii    47-52
How Does Our Brain Reduce the Variance of Movements by Learning?  Full Text: CiNii    53-58
Significance of Muscle Properties in the Control of Reaching Movement  Full Text: CiNii    59-66
Energetic efficiency in human arm trajectories  Full Text: CiNii    67-72
Generalization of Learning in a Task of Human Arm Movements  Full Text: CiNii    73-80
An Analysis of Conductor's Movements from the View Points of Rhythm Representation  Full Text: CiNii    81-88
An Analysis of Rhythm Perception from Conductor's Movements  Full Text: CiNii    89-96
Motion Capturing System from Video Images  Full Text: CiNii    97-104
Logical function extraction from Neural Network : Increasing in efficiency of learning And Making hardware  Full Text: CiNii    105-112
A Competition Learning Rule for the Pulsed Neuron Model  Full Text: CiNii    113-120
An Implementation Method of Pulsed Neuron Model for FPGA Devices  Full Text: CiNii    121-128
FPGA Implementation of Pulsed Neural Network with GHA Learning Rule Based on ΔΣ Modulation  Full Text: CiNii    129-136
Predictive Self-Organizing Map for Vector Quantization of Migratory Signals and Its Application to Mobile Communications  Full Text: CiNii    137-144
Cognitive switching of the context-specifically adapted reaching movements  Full Text: CiNii    145-149
Reflexive Muscle Activity and its Effect on Arm Stiffness  Full Text: CiNii    151-158
Linear Transformation from Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Simple Spike Discharge to Electromyographic Activities of Arm Muscles in the Monkey  Full Text: CiNii    159-166
A reinforcement learning model for macaque monkey tool-use  Full Text: CiNii    167-174
A cerebellar model for synchronization of finger tapping to an auditory stimulus sequence  Full Text: CiNii    175-182
Analog neural-network associative memories with symmetrically connected CMOS synapses  Full Text: CiNii    183-190
Carrier-frequency dependent neural networks that have a self-organizing mechanism for expressing a context-dependent behavior  Full Text: CiNii    191-198
Belief Propagation for Probabilistic Information Processing and Cluster Variation Method  Full Text: CiNii    199-206
A Gradient Dynamical System for Solving Mixed Equality- Inequality Constrained Optimization Problems and its Application to the 0 - 1 Optimization  Full Text: CiNii    207-214
Statistical Mechanics of Lossy Data Compression  Full Text: CiNii    215-222
H_∞- Learning : Local Optimization Approach  Full Text: CiNii    223-230
Studies on the Intrusion Detection System using Modular Neural Networks  Full Text: CiNii    231-236
On extension and fast algorithms of SVM Neural Networks  Full Text: CiNii    237-242
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