Geographical review of Japan. Ser.A 学術雑誌目次速報データベース由来 61 (19880000)

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The Generalized Lowry Model as an Input-output Model for an Urban System of Toyota City  1-24
Geomorphological Features of Valleys "Dissecting" the Diluvial Uplands of Sagamino and Musashino, Kanto Plain: A Study of Valleys Formed by Remnant Stream and Air-laid Tephra  25-48
Vegetation-ecological Aspects of "Desertification" in the Semi-arid Regions of Australia  124-142
Rural Development and Changes in Land Use in the Semi-arid Region of South India  143-154
Water Utilization and Salts Accumulation in Arid Land Regions  155-169
The Development and Formation of the Broiler Industry Production Area in Iwate Prefecture  239-257
The Lag Linkage between Teleconnection Patterns in the 500mb Height Fields during Northern Hemisphere Winter  317-331
Active Tectionics and Evolutional Processes of the Shinjo and Yamagata Basins Northeast Japan  332-349
Changes within the Surrounding Area of CBD as Affected by the Construction of Condominiums: A Case Study of Osaka City  350-368
Climatic Variations in Recent Years from the Viewpoint of the Seasonal Transition of Prevailing Pressure Pattern Types over East Asia  381-403
Correlation and Chronology of the Late Pleistocene Marine Terraces in Northern Northeast Japan  404-422
A New Model of Population Density Distribution for the Twin Cities and Its Application  424-440
Fault Topography and Quaternary Faulting of the Mitoke Fault System in the Southwestern Part of the Tamba Highland, Southwest Japan  453-468
The Interaction between Winter Monsoon Activities in East Asia and Sea Surface Temperature Variations over the Western Pacific Ocean  469-484
The Pre-war Education Approval Examination System and the Geography Applicats--A Study of the Relationships between the Science of Geography and the Geography Education  525-540
Temperature Distribution and Air Circulation in an Urban Canyon  541-559
The Development of Regular Truck Freight Transportation Networks in Japan  597-614
Polar Air Mass in the BAI-U Season Over East Asia  615-631
Palsas in Daisetsuzan Mountains, Central Hokkaido, Japan  665-684
The Structure of Chain Migration to Hokkaido: The Case of Yamagata-chiku on the City of Bibai, Hokkaido  727-746
Holocene Crustal Movement in Muroto Peninsula, Southwest Japan  747-769
Interregional Air Passenger Movement in Terms of Transport Mode Choice  787-803
The Double-peaked Hydrograph during Storm Events in a Small Watershed of the Tama Hills, West of Tokyo  804-815
The Location Patterns of Branch Shops and Qualitative Changes in the Central Shopping Street in Sendai, the Regional Capital City of the Tohoku Region, Japan  816-829
Landforms and Block Streams in the Mineyama Highland at the Central Part of Hyogo Prefecture, West Japan  851-871
Differences in Landform Development during the Late Glacial and the Post-Glacial Ages among Drainages around the Matsumoto Basin, Central Japan  872-893