Memoirs of the Faculty of Education, Kumamoto University. Natural science Kumamoto University 37 (19880930)

 CiNii Books

A Newly Developed Technique for Manufacturing Target Foils  1-4
Solvent Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determination of Chromium (VI) with Crystal Violet  5-10
On Clinounconformity under Carnian Tanoura Formation  11-17
Jomon Transgression Formations in the Kumamoto Plain  19-37
Pyroclastic Flow Deposits in the Futami Basin, Kumamoto Prefecture  39-47
Study of Rondade Form  49-57
Study of Pre-School Children's Play : Analysis of Physical Testing Factors  59-69
Physical Education / Sports Instructors' Administrative Functions : Comparison Between the Technical Level of the Instructor and His Profession  71-80
Guidelines for Teaching Wave Motion  81-91
Endurance Training with Restrictive Ventilation Mask  93-99
A Fact-Finding Survey on the Deterioration of Physical Fitness of School Children and on their Physical Activity Levels at School  101-110
Effects of Postoperative Nursing Care Regarding Pain Responses  111-118
The Additional Pressure Drop Coefficients by Particles due to Horizontal 90゜-Bend in Pneumatic Conveyance  119-127
Feeling of Fatigue in School Children and Adult Age Group  129-134