Bulletin of Department of Liberal Arts in Shimizu Campus, Tokai University Tokai University (16) (19910330)

 CiNii Books

The Conflict between the Philosophy and the Experimental Science in the Mind of Hans Christian Oersted -The unity and the beauty of Nature- 
Why Didn't L.Wittgenstein Kill Himself? 
Liberty and Causation 
Democratization and Human Rights in Eastern Europe -mainly about Acitivity of the Human Rights Committee in Bulgaria- 
Pedagogy and 'Anthropologie'(1) The stream of 'Anthropologie' in Europe 
Diffusion Problems in the Ion Exchange Technology 
Similarities and Diversities of the Biological Community in Activated Sludge from the Wastewater Treatment System at Numazu Campus of Tokai University 
A Two-weight Norm Inequality for Fractional Integrals 
On Complete Biorthongonal Systems of Exponential Syatems {e・・・} 
D.H.Lawrence:The Spinner in Twilight in Italy -Whole in Partiality- 
A Contrstive Study of English and Japanese:With Special Regard to Agentivity in English 
Impersonal Verbs in Deloney's Novels 
RE-Education of High School Mathematics with CAI-Courseware 1.Judgement of Scholarship by S-P Chart 
A Report on the Development of a Student Record Management System Using a Computer 
Consciousness of the Students to Chemical Experments by Courses and Grades