Gakushuin University studies in humanities Gakushuin University 13 (20040000)

 CiNii Books

Sekiga as assignment of Tokugawa government  1-40
The Patoronage of HARA Sankei  41-72
A Basic Study on the Bronze Weapons from the Capitals of Zheng and Hann in Xinzheng  73-104
The Comparative Study of Myths about Descend Gods  105-127
Uber die Grundstimmung des ersten Anfangs: das Er-Staunen bei Heidegger  1-22
Assumptions for the readers of Japanese compositions: The case for Japanese language learners of Chinese from mainland China and Japanese students  23-47
The contrastive study of Japanese and Thai: The inclination of linguistic expressions  49-68
"Korera, sorera, arera": "the reference" of modern Japanese plural demonstratives  69-89
The Comparison between Korea and Japan in the Meaning about Disregarding the Line of Vision Appeared in a Cartoon  91-105
Yeats's Modernism and Donne's Influence  107-129
Henry James and Visual Arts: A Case of The Wings of the Dove  131-151
La perspective <<antilitteraire>> d'Andre Breton  153-180
Sur la conception de la metaphore dans A la recherche du temps perdu II  181-199
Animal models for mental disorders: trial of animal model for anorexia nervosa.  201-216