Technical reports of Seikei University Seikei University 33(1/2) (19960900)

 CiNii Books

A Study on Job Shop Scheduling Using Genetic Algorithms  1-6
Determination of the Refractive Index of Transparent Thin Films and its Application to a MgO Film  7-10
Measurement of Surface Roughness by Angle Resolved Light Scattering  11-16
<Short Notes>Rotation Experiment of Conductor Disc in Solenoid Coil  17-18
Relaxation with Time and Decreasing Behavior due to Rotating Bending Fatigue of Surface Compressive Residual Stresses in an Induction Hardened Carbon Steel  19-20
<Short Notes>Thermal Downshock Fatigue Experiment in SUS316 Stainless Steel  21-22
Study on the Flowshop Scheduling Problem Including Product Mix  23-24
<Short Notes>A Study on the Scheduling Problem for Parallel Machine Minimizing Maximum Tardiness  25-26