Annual report of studies in humanities and social sciences Nara Women's University 44 (20000000)

 CiNii Books

Between Nation and Foreigner  1-18
Sociological Consideration of Women as Rural Community Leaders in a Provincial City : on the Cultural Dualism of Political Structures in Communities  19-34
Discussions on a list of important terms in the recent documents of cultural geography in japan  35-50
The Target of Metalinguistic Negation : A Unified Characterization from the Cognitive Processing Point of View  51-66
Recht und Gleichnis : Kafka,Erzahlung,Text  67-88
The study on visions of Japanese music works  89-104
An Introduction to Ecological Psychology of maps and actions I  105-118
The Historical Review of American Mentality toward Sport in the First Half Period of the 19th Century : Attaching Importance to ″the Pleasure with a Guilty Conscience″  119-133
Images of Death in Japanese Art-Fujo and Ojo  1-20
Explanatory Notes of ″Hyakunin-isshu″as told by Mitimura Nakanoin and recorded by Nobuhiro Konoe  21-31