Tamagawa University research review Tamagawa University 3 (19971030)

 CiNii Books

Investigative Research on the Relationship between Seat Location in the Classroom and Exam Results  1-8
A Preliminary Study for the Sociological Analysis of Graffiti  9-21
Teaching Improvement at American Universities in the 1980s  23-31
Somatosensory Evoked Potentials elicited by the Magnetic Nerves Stimulation during Voluntary Movement  33-37
On the Maximization Problem of the Information Transmission through a Ternary Quantum Channel  39-43
Plasticity and Memory Storage in the Hippocampal Neural Networks  45-54
A Theory of Bulk Circuit  55-77
On Privacy Amplification in Quantum Cryptography  79-87
Environmental Education in Japanese Kindergarten  89-110
Brain Mechanisms of Visual Space Perception  111-115
Royal Jelly and Differentiation of Honeybee Queen  117-128
Abstracts of Publications by TURI Researchers(April 1996-March 1997)  129-136
List of Oral Presentations(April 1996-March 1997)  137-140