Tamagawa University research review Tamagawa University 4 (19981225)

 CiNii Books

Coding Theorems for Quantum Channels  1-33
Evaluation of Decoding Error Probability of Quantum Code Words  35-39
Propagation of Magnetostatic Wave Soliton in a Long Yttrium Iron Garnet Film  41-46
Fundamental Study of Electric Double Layer Capacitor  47-58
A Study on the Analysis of Latent Axis in DEMATEL Method  59-64
Hands-on Education in Semiconductor Fabrication Laboratory in US Universities  65-72
EEG Spectral Charges by Cold Water Immersion of Upper and Lower  73-78
The Transformation of Power Relations in Education-A Comparative History of Japanese Education-  79-91
Japanese and American Teachers' View on Student Teaching  93-104
Study on Mass Propagation of Phalaenopsis species and Hybrids  105-114
Research on Nitrification: Isolation and Suppression of Nitrifying Bacteria  115-131
On a Language-Learning project Based on Hyper-media and Computer-Network  133-154
A New Basic Law of the First Fixation Point Movement  155-159
Artificial Diets for Predatory Insects  161-171
Abstracts of publications by TURI Researchers(April 1997-March 1998)  173-180
List of Oral Presentations(April 1997-March 1998)  181-183