Tamagawa University research review Tamagawa University 5 (19991220)

 CiNii Books

Central Nervous Activity Changes by Physical and Mental Fatigue- Measure of polysomnography (PSG)-  1-4
A Mathematical Model of Integration Field  5-15
A Novel Approach of Digital-Analog Neuron Integrated Circuit  17-25
A Study on Cavitation Inception as Related with Time History of Ambient Pressures  27-33
On the Cavitation of Orifices in a Pine  35-52
Maximum Mutual Information without Coding for Binary Mixed State Signals  53-58
Proposal of New Agricultural Park for City Agricultural Promotion-Garden Pivot Plan as Theme Park Type Agricultural Park  59-68
A Study on the Problem concerning Bioethics in the School Education from the Viewpoint of Sexuality, Health and Death  69-94
A Study on the Fundamental Properties of Wide Band-Gap Semiconductors  95-104
Effective Utilization of Food By-product in Pigs Feeding  105-110
Physical Property Analysis of Diamond by X-Ray Method  111-114