Japan Academy of International Business Studies Japan Academy of International Business Studies (11) (20050930)

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年報刊行にあたって  Full Text: CiNii    I
目次  Full Text: CiNii   
国際ビジネス研究学会役員構成  Full Text: CiNii   
International Development and HRM of a Global Retailer  Full Text: CiNii    1-11
Transformation of International Human Resource Management at Japanese Multinational Corporations : Towards the Balancing of Global Integration and Local Responsiveness  Full Text: CiNii    13-27
"○&□-model" Reconsidered : Human Resource Development by Asian Affiliates of Japanese Manufacturing MNEs  Full Text: CiNii    29-44
Global Operation of International Airlines Based on Outsourcing and Alliances  Full Text: CiNii    45-56
International Transfer Process of Retailing Technology  Full Text: CiNii    57-76
The Advantage of Using Caucasian Models in Japanese Advertisements  Full Text: CiNii    77-88
Towards the Construction of a Global Retailer's Theory : A Consideration of Retailers' Global Paths  Full Text: CiNii    89-99
Language Cost and Language Benefit for Japanese Companies : Why Bilingual Management Does Not Take Root in Japanese Companies  Full Text: CiNii    101-114
Examination of Problems in Transfer Pricing Methodologies Used for International Taxation  Full Text: CiNii    115-127
Comparative Analysis of the Emergence of New Business : Attempt to Integrate the Institutional Approach and the Social Construction Approach  Full Text: CiNii    129-150
A Tentative Assumption on the Entrepreneurial Strategic Alliances : By Critically Dealing with Barney's RBV  Full Text: CiNii    151-164
How Relation-Specific Resources in Home Country Affect Relational Exchange between Supplier and Manufacturer across Borders : Conceptualization, Measurement, and Initial Test on Japanese MNCs  Full Text: CiNii    165-181
The Firms System of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry : Focusing on Transactional Relationship  Full Text: CiNii    183-205
Ethnography as Research Methodology for International Business Studies : Its Complementary Role to the Methodology Based on a Positivistic Paradigm  Full Text: CiNii    207-221
The Improvement of Location Advantages : In Terms of the Utilization of Foreign Seafares by International Maritime Company  Full Text: CiNii    223-239
A Study on Recent Trends in International Electronic Settlement  Full Text: CiNii    241-254
Japanese Retailers in the Midst of Global Competition and their Management Concerns  Full Text: CiNii    255-267
Movie Business and Strategic Risk Management : A Comparison between U. S. Hollywood and Japanese Model  Full Text: CiNii    269-281
A Study of Supplier's Capabilities Development Process and Transformation of Relation between Makers on the Division of Labor : Case of Taiwan Electronics Firm  Full Text: CiNii    283-297
Preconditions for Sales Professionals Job-Specialties and HRD Seen in the Salespersons of Japan-U. S. Car Dealers  Full Text: CiNii    299-313
Strategic Joint Venture and Organizational Capability : A case study of STLCD  Full Text: CiNii    315-327
A Study of Global Merger & Acquisition (M&A) by Japanese Companies : For the Purpose of Avoiding Global M&A Failures in Company's Strategies  Full Text: CiNii    329-342
The Global Competitive Strategy of Medium-sized Semiconductor Companies  Full Text: CiNii    343-359
和文要旨  Full Text: CiNii    361-371
執筆者紹介  Full Text: CiNii    372-375
会報  Full Text: CiNii    376-381
編集後記  Full Text: CiNii    382
編集委員  Full Text: CiNii    382
執筆要項  Full Text: CiNii    383-384
奥付  Full Text: CiNii   
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CONTENTS  Full Text: CiNii