MacDonald, James Ramsay



MacDonald, Ramsay

MacDonald, J. Ramsay (James Ramsay)

マクドナルド, ラムゼー


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  • Report by Miss Collet on the statistics of employment of women and girls, 1894 . Women in the printing trades : a sociological study, 1904

    Board of Trade - Employment of Women (Labour Dept.) . J. Ramsay Macdonald (ed.)

    Edition Synapse for Eureka Press 2011 Women and employment in nineteenth to early twentieth-century Britain / reprint collection, supervised and introduced (in Japanese) by Toyoko Matsumura v. 4


  • Labour and the empire

    J. Ramsay MacDonald ; with a new introduction by Peter Cain

    Routledge/Thoemmes 1998 The empire and its critics, 1899-1939 : classics of imperialism / edited and introduced by Peter Cain v. 3


  • A singular marriage : a labour love story in letters and diaries

    Ramsay and Margaret MacDonald ; edited by Jane Cox

    Harrap 1988


  • サンジカリズム : 批判的検討

    J.ラムゼイ・マクドナルド著 ; 久田俊夫訳

    杉山書店 1984.1


  • Women in the printing trades

    edited by J. Ramsay Macdonald

    Garland Pub. 1980 The English working class


  • From serfdom to socialism . Labour and the empire . The Socialist's budget

    James Keir Hardie . James Ramsay MacDonald . Philip Snowden ; edited with an introduction by Robert E. Dowse

    Harvester Press 1974 Society and the Victorians no. 22


  • New horizons

    J. T. Murphy. Serving my time : an apprenticeship to politics / by Harry Pollitt. The memoirs of Josiah Sage : concerning Joseph Arch and the pioneering days of trade unionism among the agricultural workers / Paxton Chadwick. Sir James Sexton, agitator, the life of the dockers' M. P. : an autobiography / with a pref. by David Lloyd George. My life for labour / by Robert Smillie ; foreword by J. Ramsay MacDonald. Frank Cousins : a study / Margaret Stewart. J. Keir Hardie : a biography / by William Stewart ; with an introd. by J. Ramsay Macdonald

    World Microfilms Publications c1973

    マイクロ形態 (マイクロフィルム (リール))


  • The victims of Whiggery : being a statement of the persecutions experienced by the Dorchester labourers in 1834

    by George Loveless. A short history of the T. U. C. / John Lovell and B. D. Roberts. Marx and the trade unions / A. Lozovsky. The closed shop in Britain / W. E. J. McCarthy. Syndicalism : a critical examination / J. Ramsay Macdonald. The "new" trades unionism : a reply to Mr. George Shipton / by Tom Mann & Ben Tillett. The British public and the general strike / Kingsley Martin. A short hisotry of labour in Scotland / W. H. Marwick. Trade unions and the state / W. Milne-Bailey. Trade unionism and the trade union bill / by Ramsay Muir ; with an appendix on the legal position of trade unions / by W. A. Jowitt , A. D. McNair and Hubert Phillips. The Luddites and other essays / edited by Lionel M. Munby ; with an introd. by Eric J. Hobsbawm

    World Microfilms Publications c1973

    マイクロ形態 (マイクロフィルム (リール))


  • Women in the printing trades : a sociological study

    edited by J. Ramsay Macdonald ; with a pref. by F.Y. Edgeworth ; investigators, J. L. Hammond, ... [et al.]. The Yorkshire miners : a history, v. 1 / by Frank Machin. The lighted flame : a history of the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen / Norman McKillop ; foreword by F. G. Baty. Glasgow District Trades Council centenary brochure 1858-1958 : a hundred years of progress / compiled by H. McShane. "Gentlemen, the Press!" Chronicles of a crusade : official history of the National Union of Journalists / by F. J. Mansfield

    World Microfilms Publications c1973

    マイクロ形態 (マイクロフィルム (リール))


  • Ramsay MacDonald's political writings

    edited and with an introduction by Bernard Barker

    Allen Lane c1972

    : hard , : pbk


  • National defence : a study in militarism

    by J. Study MacDonald ; with a new introduction for the Garland ed. by Catherine Ann Cline

    Garland Pub. 1972 The Garland library of war and peace


  • The Zollverein & British industry

    James Ramsay MacDonald

    Kraus Repr. Co. 1971


  • Socialism

    by J. Ramsay MacDonald

    Kraus Reprint 1970 The Social problems series


  • Parliament and revolution

    by J. Ramsay MacDonald

    Kraus Reprint 1970


  • J. Keir Hardie, a biography

    William Stewart ; with an introduction by J. Ramsay Macdonald

    Greenwood Press [1970]


  • Socialism and Society

    by J. Ramsay MacDonald

    Kraus Reprint 1970 6th ed. London, Independent Labour Party, 1908 The Socialist library 2


  • 社會主義の理想と建設

    ゼームス・ラムゼー・マクドナルド原著 ; 上原蕃譯

    新思潮社 1946.9


  • Speeches and adresses

    by Stanley Baldwin and James Ramsay Macdonald ; compiled with notes by T. Ida

    Kairyudo 1937


  • At home and abroad : essays

    by J. Ramsay MacDonald

    Jonathan Cape 1936