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Meleager, of Gadara



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  • Meleager : the poems

    Jerry Clack

    Bolchazy-Carducci c1992

    : pbk

    Available at 1 libraries

  • The songs of Meleager

    [translated by] Frederick Baron Corvo (Frederick Rolfe)

    Garland Pub. 1984 Degeneration and regeneration : texts of the premodern era : a twenty-nine-volumes facsimile series reprinting the highly varied cultural themes of the 1890s in prose and poetry / edited by Ian Fletcher & John Stoke

    Available at 15 libraries

  • The poems of Meleager

    verse translations by Peter Whigham ; introd. and literal translations by Peter Jay

    Anvil Press Poetry : in association with R. Collings 1975 Poetica 1

    Available at 1 libraries

  • Medallions from Anyte of Tegea, Meleager of Gadara, the Anacreontea : Latin poets of the Renaissance

    translated by Richard Aldington

    Chatto & Windus 1931 The Phoenix library

    Available at 3 libraries

  • Der Kranz des Meleagros von Gadara

    Auswahl und Übertragung von August Oehler

    Propyläen 1920 Klassiker des Altertums 2. Reihe ; Bd. 15

    Available at 3 libraries

  • The Songs of Meleager

    made into English with designs by Frederick Baron Corvo (Fr.Rolfe) ; in collaboration with Sholto Douglas

    The First Edition Club [19--]

    Available at 1 libraries

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