Duns Scotus, John, ca.


Alias Name

スコトゥス, ヨハネス ドゥンス(スコトゥス, ヨハネス ドゥンス)

Duns Scoto, Juan, ca.

Scoto, Juan Duns, ca.

Skotus, Johannes Duns, ca.

Duns, Johannes, Skotus, ca.

Duns, Scot, ca.

Duns, Szkot, ca.

Duns Scoti, Ioannis

Scotus, Joannes Duns, ca.

Scot, Jean Duns, ca.

Duns, Jean, Scot, ca.

Duns Scotus, Johannes, ca.

Ioannes Duns, Scotus, ca.

Joannes Duns, Scotus, ca.

Duns, Joannes, Scotus

Duns Scoto, Giovanni, ca.

Duns, Joannes, Scotus, ca.

Duns, Juan Escoto

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